Mistake In Dermal Fillers? Here’s How To Correct It

Mistakes in dermal fillers is not an absolute, but it’s still a chance that you’re unfortunate to get it (God forbid, hopefully), especially when you want this procedure to give your whole look a breath of fresh air. Not to worry, read on, these potential mistakes, and how your dermatologist can fix it, for good. Just don’t forget to ask for freebies afterwards!

These potential side effects after getting yourself a dermal filler or two are common and and very much to be expected. For example  you’ll have swelling and mild bruising, possibility of overfilled and looks to puffy to be natural-looking, as well as under filled, bumps and lumps after inserting the filler incorrectly, or worse, asymmetry or blocked blood vessel.

Actually, any invasive procedure will cause some bruising or at least, some red spots, though we can safely say that this can be minimise as much as possible. The goal is to prevent it on the first place by avoiding yourself from aspirin and ibuprofen at least a week before your appointment (you can ask for reschedule if need be), though multivitamin is good you should avoid vitamin E and it’s the derivatives.

Alcohol, definitely, at least for a couple of days.

Overfilled is a possibility, and the approach is to wait and see for a week, to analyse the effect correctly. Usually, the problem will correct itself on its own but if doesn’t you can ask your dermatologist to reduce the effect and reduce it to look a healthy, plump skin.

Under filled, on the other hand, is not really a problem and it’s actually a good idea to start slow at the beginning, in fact, a lot of doctors use this approach anyway, to ensure that you get the optimal result as much as possible.

Sounds like a nightmare, but asymmetry and making your ace look lopsided is not something to be taken light off. If you do notice your face looks a bit off, wait for a week to be sure that it’s not cause by underlying bruise or swelling (as it usually happens). If it’s still there or looks too much, call you dermatologist ASAP to help you correct it. The same rules also apply, should you have minor bumps and lumps.

If an only if you think you have blocked blood vessel – it will look like a deep dark purple or a spot of red rash that spread outwards – you need to call your doctor right away to fix it, unless you want a permanent scar as a souvenir.

Always remember these pointers whenever you want to get yourself dermal filler. It’s better to be safe and take precautions, than going through the hassle afterwards. Be safe and look good!