Understanding UltraTherma

In the past, the only way to visibly remove signs of ageing, tighten up skin and get rid of lines and wrinkles was by undergoing a surgical face lift. Of course, face lift involves general anaesthetic, knives and weeks of downtime because of significant bruising and skin abrasions. While the results of face lifts are generally excellent, it’s still an enormous upheaval, not to mention expensive and today, lots of people just don’t have the time for the lengthy healing process. Nowadays, there are lots of remarkable treatments available to combat anti-ageing, for example, Botox and fillers administered by professionals create smoother looking skin instantly but not everyone wants injectables. Cue UltraTherma, this is a new generation of micro-focused ultrasound tecnhnology and one of the latest anti-ageing phenomenons to arrive on the market. The updated treatment is certainly proving to be a huge sensation.

A Completely Non-Invasive Anti-Ageing Treatment

The therapy is practices around the world and in short, boosts and restores collagen levels and elastin without any need for surgery. The UltraTherma treatment endorsed by many skincare and medical specialists across the world.  There’s minimal downtime for the patient with virtually zero side effects except a little redness and a slight possibility of light swelling. The beauty of UltraTherma is that it doesn’t just target the face, it can also work wonders on the chest area.

UltraTherma works on:

  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Brow
  • Décolletage
  • Chest

How UltraTherma Works

The procedure works using ultrasound energy that is supplied via a small machine head. It is not a laser. Rather, the treatment bypasses the epidermis to get deep into the dermis, reaching it at the perfect depth and at the correct level of temperature for encouraging results.

The ultrasound energy triggers the skin to naturally lift and in turn, it tightens the areas of concern. At the same time; UltraTherma boosts and encourages fresh collagen production so results keep on getting better and better with optimum results after approximately three months. Additionally, during treatment, the machine provides ultrasound images of targeted areas. The practitioner uses these images to specify exactly where the machine head needs to be applied to really focus on those areas. Completely non-invasive, UltraTherma is a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment that promises a youthful dewy complexion with a plump softness.

Before Treatment

It’s best to visit a reputable cosmetic clinic to have a consultation before booking in for UltraTherma.  During the consultation, you’ll be asked about what you want to achieve and you will show the practitioner the areas of concern. The practitioner will assess the areas for treatment and discuss expectations. As a guide, most people need just one single treatment, at the very most two.

During Treatment

During treatment, your skin will be cleansed and a special UltraTherma gel applied with an applicator. Then, the practitioner will assess your skin and this helps to establish exact level of ultrasound energy required. The treatment will begin with the machine’s head delivering pulses of energy to the targeted areas. You will feel tingling in the areas that the machine works on, but it is not uncomfortable and lasts a few seconds. Expect a typical UltraTherma session to last from one to one and a half hours.

Post Treatment

Post treatment, you can carry on your daily routine as normal. At the most, you may have some redness which dissipates within a couple of hours. Some UltraTherma patients experience a little swelling but this is temporary and should only be extremely mild.


There are those that undergo just one UltraTherma session and see some results immediately but for most, the best results can be expected after two or three months. This is because new collagen works hard, lifting and firming skin, plumping it up too. You will notice that skin starts to smooth out, fine lines and wrinkles diminish and results become noticeably visible.

To summarise, the latest ultrasound treatment, UltraTherma is a new and most effective generation in micro focused ultrasound technology, designed to lift, firm and plump skin, reducing signs of ageing using pulses of energy without the need for invasive surgery or needles.  During treatment and post treatment skin is boosted to naturally produce collagen and elastin. Optimum results are visible after two to three months.